Sometimes, I go back to the past; I was a student and tried to get knowledge and experience together. The enthusiasm of learning and testing what I'd learned to practice. I entered the Technical and Engineering University in 1990. Since I did not want to just go to college, I passed the management, executive, and project management courses at the same time, and I did everything I learned to test the job market. The result of these treasures was the introduction of three years of successful and valuable work experience at resume.
I think that this valuable experience was the foundation of my presence in the field of construction of the region of one of Tehran, and provided the conditions that I was able to start with the famous elders of this industry. The desirable and acclaimed construction of several projects in the field of design and construction of luxury and original complexes was not possible except by gaining knowledge of various sectors of the building industry and obsessive-compulsive precision in detail.
I believed that quality was something which the audience had to feel the effects of it in my life, so I
rolled my sleeve up, worked hard on days and nights, and I stepped into the executive staff on every single construction affair, and enjoyed learning lessons.
On the way to professionalism, the trust and confidence of prospective homeowners, the best-selling investors, hired engineers, powerful executives, creative architects and friends and colleagues, I've been able to promote new ideas in my projects.
One of my concerns has always been to create a place where I can transfer the insight and knowledge to the new generation and transform the construction culture in this country, because it is the same path that developed countries are taking. Therefore, I will do my best to make this important, using the material and spiritual resources of the development team of the building.