Group introduction

Rahimtabar Building Development Group has been proud to have a continuous activity in the field of design and construction of luxury and original complexes over two decades, to provide more than 100,000 square meters of residential complex and 100,000 square meters of commercial and office complexes.
The activities of this group are in the form of "direct investment", "capital absorption and management", "participation in construction", "project management" and "consulting, monitoring and project management", which is structured in a coherent and rigorous observance of national and international standards.
The use of modern technologies such as clean energy (solar energy), purification and sterilization of air circulation systems at all levels and stories. In the smart buildings built by the group, has provided a place for comfort, prosperity and pleasure of life for the family.
Based on Rahimtabar Building Development Group vision, intends to present itself as
one of the most powerful construction company in Iran in designing and constructing luxury and original complexes on the global stage, while fulfilling social responsibilities.